Our Coffee

Over the years the mainstream coffee industry has given robusta beans a bad rap but when cultivated and prepared properly, robusta bean coffees are smooth with a sweet and nutty aftertaste.  
Our robusta beans are harvested and handpicked at peak freshness and roasted using traditional Vietnamese techniques by multi-generational coffee farmers in the Dak Lak province of central Vietnam.
The beans are then shipped to Toronto where we package them for you.
Harvest to Roast - Our Journey
Coffea Canpehora Plant
Our Robusta Coffee beans are produced by a species of coffee plant called Coffea Canephora that originates from Western Africa. The cultivation process, which can take up to 12 months will transform the Coffea Canpehora from full, white blossoms into deep red cherry clusters.
Cherry Pods of the Coffea Canpehora Plant
The cherry pods are small, round and collectively ripen at a similar rate which makes them easier to harvest compared to traditional arabica beans which are individually handpicked.
Our OG Roast beans use only the heaviest and most dense cherries from each harvest, this is the creme de la creme of all robusta beans.
Skin-extraction of the Cherry Pods
Our beans go through a skin-extraction process within hours of being picked. Then they are sun dried for up to 30 days.
Roasted Coffee Beans
The final step for our beans is to be roasted using traditional Vietnamese techniques.