About Us

Saigon Drip was founded by Sang Nguyen, a Vietnamese Canadian who wanted to put an end to coffee snobbery and introduce coffee drinkers to a coffee type and preparation that has been enjoyed in Vietnam for generations.




Sang Nguyen

Sang is the quintessential Vietnamese dude, he works hard and plays harder. Nothing is more important to him than family and coming together to share a good meal. Sang grew up in Toronto and although the Vietnamese food scene here is strong, he longed for richer flavours and a deeper understanding of his homeland. Sang has been going to Vietnam several times a year since 2014 to reconnect with his roots and on one trip saw first hand the artform of full cycle coffee making and decided that was a journey he was going to take. 
Sang’s goal for Saigon Drip is to take Vietnamese, slow drip coffee mainstream.